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  • What is the PEET Dryer?
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  • Why PEET Dry?
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    At Peet Shoe Dryers...they like to say they invented dry. And after 44 years of business...this North Idaho company has created an extremely loyal following. KXLY4's Derek Deis reports.  (Read more...)

    Ultra Nature OR
    safekeeping peet dryer
      Original PEET Dryer Benefits:

    • Eliminates odors caused by perspiration and bacteria
    • Removes contaminants like viruses and mold that can cause skin irritation and deterioration of materials
    • Extends the life of footwear and gear
    • Is ideal for all types of materials including leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics
    • Assures safe, completely silent operation

    Original PEET Dryer

    Reliable and long-lasting, the Original PEET® Dryer was the very first to remove wet and sweat from footwear, for comfort and health.

    • Patented PEET® DryPorts circulate air for thorough drying
    • Gentle, thermal convection rises through AirChambers to dry footwear naturally
    • Safe, silent operation

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